About us

Our passion is to create music and help others succeed in realizing their musical vision. There is an artist in everyone of us! We will provide you with our facilities, equipment and know-how to bring to life the songs that are within you.

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Our Services

Besides Recording, Mixing and Mastering we love to be involved in the creative process. We offer anything from assisting in songwriting to arrangements to comissioned work tailored to your tastes.

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Have a listen to some songs and snippets to see if you like what happens when we push the red button.



We will (try to) provide an array of ideas for your lyrics, melodies, chords and rhythm while preserving the spirit that inspired your song in the first place. It´s up to you what you want to adopt and what gets dropped.

Let´s take your song to the next level in a one-on-one session!

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We believe every project and every song is unique and worth pursuing.
We´d be happy to be part of this journey with you and take the time to evaluate where you´re at and what it takes

(in terms of time, money & logistics) to get you to where you want to be.
Our feedback will always be both honest and encouraging.
Feel free to send along demo takes (MP3) of your song.